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Self consent day 2: finding yes

Don’t forget to find somewhere that you can be reasonably relaxed, this is a writing task so something to write on/with is also useful. If you like to meditate you can do so before working on today’s task, otherwise taking a deep breath or two might help you to relax.  Take a look at your ‘yes’ list and find something that jumps out at you as particularly exciting or excellent.  Write a short account of what the thing is that makes you want to say ‘yes’ and why.  As you are writing think about your enjoyment of it.

When you are writing about your ‘yes’ thing, try to find the place in your body where your knowledge that you enjoy it. Where do you feel the ‘yes’ that is associated with the experience?  It could be a sensation on your skin, or in your chest or belly.  Wherever it is, find that place and recognise any emotions that go with that feeling.  Find the words to describe them and write them down too.

If you have time, you can repeat this exercise for another item on your list.

For example: I adore dogs.  I remember the last time I had a cuddle with a dog that loved me.  I can remember the feel of his fur, his warmth, and his doggy smell.  I remember how he bounced up to me and licked me.  As I remember it I can feel myself smile, and I feel the happiness in my cheeks and my chest.  I can feel the ‘yes’ as a warmth in the centre of my chest and belly that goes with the other happy feelings.

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