Dialectical Behaviour therapy skills groups

Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is a non-pathologising approach that teaches skills for creating a life worth living. It focuses on the areas of mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance and emotional regulation.  As a therapy approach, DBT often combines skills groups with one to one counseling and phone support – but I am offering a stand-alone skills groups.  The DBT approach was initially designed for clients with a borderline personality disorder diagnosis but has been found to be effective in relation to a broad range of diagnoses including depression and anxiety. Personally, have found that the skills I’ve learned through DBT have equipped me with options for managing distressing or challenging situations, and in supporting my mental health when faced with discrimination or heightened levels of anxiety. They are also incredibly helpful in my relationships, especially when polyamory isn’t as simple as I might prefer.

I facilitate the group, sometimes with assistance from another facilitator. This is a peer group where we work together to learn DBT skills and practice them in our lives between sessions. One of the most important parts of this approach is working with others to understand the skills we are learning. Homework is an essential component of DBT, and you will be given worksheets to complete each week between sessions. We go through these in detail each session, and that’s where a lot of the learning happens, as people are able to share their experiences, successes and challenges.

Coming up soon:

Course nameDate & timeCost
Crisis survival skills – BICON21st August 3-4.45pm BSTFree
Interpersonal effectiveness for Adult Industry performers27th August 2021
1-3pm Eastern Summer time
6-8pm British Summer time
10am-12pm Pacific time
Emotion RegulationStaring 2nd September (8 wks)
2.30-4.30 Eastern Summer time
7.30-9.30 British Summer time
DBT for Consensual Non Monogamy (CNM)21st September 2021 (10 wks)
2.30-4.30 Eastern Summer time
7.30-9.30 British Summer time
What has outpaced your self consent?18th September 2021
2.00-4.00 Eastern Summer time
7.00-9.00 British Summer time

Distress Tolerance

Starting 25th October 2021.

This course is all about helping you regulate and survive overwhelming emotions. You’ll learn when to treat your emotions as an emergency, and tools to rapidly reduce emotional activation. We will meet online for 2 hours a week for 7 weeks. You will be given homework to complete in between the sessions – which will help you to learn the skills. We will review the homework each week to talk through learning points and troubleshoot difficulties. You can sign up for the course here.

DBT skills for Non Monogamy

Starting 21st September 2021.

This course is all about learning psychological skills to help you to cope with some of the more challenging aspects of non monogamy. It will take a whistle stop tour through some of DBT’s most influential & useful skills. We will start with the DBT approach to mindfulness, move on to distress tolerance, then a couple of emotion regulation skills before finishing up working on interpersonal effectiveness. You can think of the course as a way of expanding your emotional first aid kit, and giving you some new skills to help you when facing distress and interpersonal difficulties.  You can sign up here.

Emotion Regulation

Starting 2nd September 2021.

Out of control emotions can make it hard to maintain friendships, romantic relationships and can even jeopardise our careers. Many of us never learned the skills we need to cope with difficult emotions, and that makes it impossible to deal effectively with stressful or distressing situations that inevitably come up in our lives. This course teaches participants how to recognise, understand and regulate emotions so that they have more choices about how to manage day to day stressors and distressing events. Find out more and sign up here.

Lets learn more about DBT together.