Favourite resources

You can look at some of the articles on my blog, but if you’d just like to browse a few favourites then you can find them here.

Self consent is a theme that I have been exploring lately, and you’ll find a series of posts about it.

Taking things slowly at the start of relationships is also something I’m really excited about, and you can find out why I think slow relationship starts are great and how to slow things down. I think boundaries, agreements and rules are important to think about in relationships. Sometimes our boundaries can be too loose, and at other times they make it impossible to be close to people – and you might find my experience of this useful when thinking about your own.  I’m also into respectful and considerate relationship endings (or transitions), so I invite you to think about breakup planning, and what would make a breakup as kind as possible for everyone involved.

I’ve been working on queering relationships, and wrote a couple of posts about how to queer relationships, and what relationshipqueer means. I’ve also written about working out why you want to date, and two posts on partner selection.

I love the concept of personal user manuals, and I have written posts on getting started,writing prompts, and mapping your relationships.

Domestic violence is all too common, and being queer, kinky or in an alternative community doesn’t protect you from it.  I’ve written a couple of posts on why it is important to me, and how to intervene when you are concerned that someone is experiencing intimate partner violence.