Self Consent

Upcoming Workshop

Developing self consent: unlearning conditioning limiting real choice.

Workshop as part of the International Consent Culture Festival

21st November 2020 2pm – 3.30pm Eastern Standard Time (7pm – 8.30pm GMT)

When I became mobility impaired after a car accident, I found my understanding of the politics of disability and exclusion growing.  Suddenly, my instinct to not be ‘difficult’ was causing problems for me. I needed to use a scooter a lot of the time, and that made large parts of the world inaccessible to me because I could no longer traverse curbs/steps. At first, my new needs felt embarrassing and just about me. I thought shopkeepers, universities and airlines were right, that I was an inconvenience and it was my fault. As my politics shifted I realised they were really about the invalidating social and built environment we inhabit. 

I started to recognise the subtle ways in which I’d internalised messages about the over-riding importance of being ‘nice’ all my life. As a survivor of sexual violence, this idea pervaded my sex life too. I recognised that I pushed away my body’s sense of whether something was really OK for me in order to not make a fuss. With this knowledge, I have found practices that help me to tune into my own sense of ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Focusing on self-consent can feel selfish and bring up emotions of fear and shame as we try to express our authentic selves in opposition to overwhelming pressure to conform, but it is also a revolutionary act of self-love and self-care. The practices in this workshop will help you to find your own internal sense of yes and no.


Sophia imparts a sense that no matter what’s happening, you have the inner strength and resources to handle it. Excellent at teaching practical coping strategies for difficult emotions, non-judgmental, practical and fun.


Sophia has an amazing way of handling therapy, it feels like an uplifting, friendly, optimistic chat, even when dealing with past traumas, negative thoughts and more.


Sophia helped me to reframe events in my life so I could maintain healthier and happier relationships. I got better at identifying and expressing my needs, which made everything so much better.


Let’s build something together.