I am especially excited to work with people that are working out who they are and what they want from life, relationships and work.  I generally work using Skype or Zoom. Most of my clients are from the UK and Ireland, but I can work with people from anywhere in the world provided they have internet or phone access.

In addition to face to face and skype counselling, I also offer counseling support by email or written chat.  This may be more accessible to some people. To do this we would either exchange emails over the course of a week, in which case I would spend 50 minutes over the week reading and responding to emails.  Alternatively, we could log onto a chat client and have synchronous written communication.

I offer service in the following areas:

DBT skills training

I have facilitated several DBT skills training groups. You can find more information on the DBT skills training that I offer here.

Kink coaching

I work with clients on exploring their BDSM interests and aftercare. This includes sessions to understand and accept non-standard sexualities, working on self-consent and planning aftercare.

Relationship coaching

My passion is working with relationships of all kinds. I am experienced in working with people in the process of changing or transitioning their relationships. I work with individuals, couples and groups to explore relationship dynamics and how to improve communication and have healthier conflict.

Work or business coaching

I have worked in the public and private sectors in HR, taught Employment Law in the UK and Ireland at postgraduate level and been part of panels judging discrimination, dismissal and fitness to practice cases in the UK. As such, I’m experienced at helping people dealing with problems at work.


Most of my clients come to me for psychotherapy. I typically work with issues relating to mental ill health, relationship breakdown, problems of living, work-related distress, historic trauma and issues arising from stigma and discrimination.