I am a kink knowledgeable coach and therapist. I have been actively involved in the kink community for a decade. Many of the people that I work with bring issues relating to sex, sexuality, and kink to therapy.  I work with couples on communication, establishing boundaries and shared understandings. I have worked with people that have experienced consent accidents and consent violations within the kink community. If you are bringing issues relating to your kinks to the therapy relationship I will approach them with curiosity and encourage you to do the same.

I have worked with clients with a range of fetishes or kinks, including those I share and those that I do not share. I center consent (including consent in consensual non-consent situations) in my conversations about kink. I am happy to work with clients looking to explore how to introduce kink into their relationships, how to expand their kinky dynamics and how to resolve erotic conflicts. If you are a kinky person that has issues that are nothing at all to do with kink, but want to be sure that your therapist would be able to cope with hearing about this aspect of your life, then I am also happy to work with you.

I’m especially excited about working to plan aftercare, improve self-consent and create well-negotiated scene’s.

If you would like to work with me, you can find my fees here, send me a message from my contact page, or just book a free 30 minute ‘get to know me’ session here.