What is new relationship energy?

black couple in romantic pose in woodland

New relationships energy, also talked about as NRE, is the emotional experience at the beginning of a sexual and/or romantic relationship. While the term is most popular in poly communities, it is also a feature of the start of most monogamous relationships. It includes heightened emotional and sexual excitement, and sometimes obsessive thoughts and urges …

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Intentional relationships 2 – creating opportunities for new connections

The circumstance in which you start a new relationship with a friend, work colleague or lover is filled with a whole lot of chance. Even if you are a person that is intentionally creating opportunities to meet people with similar values/interests to form relationships with (like going to munches, board game meets, parent groups, church) …

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Self consent: an introduction

Acknowledging your suffering and moving towards treating yourself with compassion and kindness is a radical act. It is a powerful declaration: I am on my side, I am on my side.

Self consent, at its heart, is about treating your needs, desires and limits with respect. It is about being curious about yourself, and making choices that express your authentic self. It is central to learning to have a consensual relationship with others because it embeds consensual practice in your life and all your interactions. I …

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