Intentional relationships: An introduction

Relationships can be as much a matter of chance as intention. After all, your oldest friend is likely someone you met because your parents knew each other, you lived in the same street or went to the same primary school. Meeting someone and establishing a new connection depends on being in the right space, at … Continue reading Intentional relationships: An introduction

Self consent: an introduction

Self consent, at its heart, is about treating your needs, desires and limits with respect. It is about being curious about yourself, and making choices that express your authentic self. It is central to learning to have a consensual relationship with others because it embeds consensual practice in your life and all your interactions. I … Continue reading Self consent: an introduction

Connecting through lists

I’ll admit it, I’ve been on something of a trash TV binge.  Both of the show’s that I’ve been watching (My crazy ex girlfriend and Jane the Virgin) make jokes about people with list obsessions. Now, I’m a recent convert to the list as a way of getting stuff done, and they have upped my … Continue reading Connecting through lists

Three quick things to do to improve your relationships

The way that I most easily express my love for others is with words.  If I’m thinking about the traditional love languages, more than anything else it is what I’m good at.  But I still have that very English sense of reserve around complimenting people.  A couple of weeks before my beloved Gran died I … Continue reading Three quick things to do to improve your relationships

5 ways to slow down the start of a relationship

If you’re anything like me, the first flush of new connection with someone is so exciting that you want to dive right in. Having said that, if you read the last article, you’ll know that I prefer to take things slowly. As a result, in some new relationships I’ve needed to find ways to slow … Continue reading 5 ways to slow down the start of a relationship

5 wonderful things about slow relationship beginnings

I haven't always been a fan of slow relationships - the joys of falling deeply in lust with people upon meeting them have not entirely escaped me. I love the tummy churning excitement of first dates, the 'did she like me too' questions and even the other person’s intrusion into my thoughts on a more … Continue reading 5 wonderful things about slow relationship beginnings

Mapping your relationship constellation

Mapping relationship constellations can be fun, crafty, technical or artistic. It is a way of representing your relationships in pictorial form. You can do it in whatever way is meaningful to you. My relationship maps include people that I consider family of choice, romantic or sexual partners, intimate friends and people I feel especially close … Continue reading Mapping your relationship constellation