Acquiring a diagnosis

I recently acquired a diagnosis for a lifelong physical impairment. It has me reflecting on how I have previously dealt with the emotional and psychological elements of being diagnosed. Obviously, this differs greatly depending on how drawn out the process is, how medicalised it is, your own predisposition towards the medical establishment, how much you … Continue reading Acquiring a diagnosis


I don't know who coined the term 'relationshipqueer', but on hearing it the concept simply made sense. We are already graced with terms such as genderqueer and neuroqueer, expanding the range of queerness away from sexuality into gender and neurology. Relationshipqueer takes its place amongst these terms to label a way of doing relationships that … Continue reading Relationshipqueer

Five things I’ve learned and loved dating autistic women

I’m not exactly neuro-typical myself, but I test as very much not autistic. Nonetheless I seem to have a particular attraction to others who are also neuroqueer, and particularly women that are on the autistic spectrum.