Hackable sex toys?

Image of open lock with key overlayed with circuit board.

I wrote a few weeks ago about the wevibe4 and that company’s intrusions into the sex lives of its customers.  I thought that recording data about when and for how long people were having sex with a particular sex toy was about as bad as it got, but it turns out that I was wrong. …

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What is sexual health?

Four red condoms in packets

The focus on health in relation to sex has got inextricably linked with two things. Not getting a transmittable infection and not getting pregnant. But these things should not be the limit of what sexual health is all about. So, why do we think they are?

How private is your sex life?

We-vibe 4 boxesThis image has 3 we-vibe 4 boxes turned slightly away from the camera. The one to the left shows the black we-vibe 4, the middle one shows the pink version and the one on the right shows the purple version.

Content warning: mention of sexual violence and consent violation Unbeknownst to me someone has been spying on my sex life – and they might have been spying on yours too.  We-vibe created what looked to be an excellent entry in to the world of long distance relationships when they developed their we-vibe 4.  It is …

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