What I do

I am excited to work with people on their relationships and creating a life worth living. I offer a very limited amount of 121 or group coaching. I adore working with groups of people to build psychological skills that make life more embodied, connected, intentional and joyful. I do this by offering courses on dialectical behaviour skills and self consent. You can find out more below.

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Helping folks to identify their goals, and build the skills to move towards them. Encouraging people to live their best embodied and intentional lives.

Relationship Coaching

 I am currently accepting new clients who wish to work with me on a regular basis. My coaching rates for a 50 minute session are $120 (£90). I offer a free 30 minute initial session.

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Dialectical behaviour therapy skills training provides the opportunity to improve our ability to cope with crises, understand and manage emotions and enhance interpersonal relationships
DBT helps us build a life worth living.

Skills for relationships

I teach groups of people skills for surviving crises, processing emotions effectively and navigating interpersonal relationship.

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Self consent
The radical act of tuning in to & showing up for your needs, desires, limits and boundaries.
A powerful declaration:
I am on my side, I am on my side.

Self Consent

I offer workshops that help people to be more connected to their emotions, desires, boundaries and needs. These classes help people to treat themselves more consensually and to have more intentional and authentic relationships with others.

I can’t wait to learn something together.