We are social creatures & most of us learn best alongside others. Especially when we see ourselves reflected in their experiences. This is validating and helps us to normalise emotions and interpersonal difficulties that we are experiencing which is a pathway to building self compassion. It can also help to see how others experience similar things very differently. This can give us hope that our perspective might change, or that our own way of experiencing something isn’t the only way. These are just a few of the reasons I work primarily with groups.

I’m queer in the way I approach my relationships, in the way my brain works, and I’m a white disabled woman. Most of the folks that come to my skills groups are a mixture of LGBTQ+, neuroatypical, disabled, sex workers and/or otherwise social misfits (said in the most loving way possible, these folks are my community). I take a rights not rescue approach to sex work, and I believe trans folks know their genders better than the professionals they have to work with to get access to medical interventions / support.

The groups that I’m going to be running in the next few months are:

Course nameDate & timeCost
Crisis survival skills – BICON21st August 3-4.45pm BSTFree
Interpersonal effectiveness for Adult Industry performers27th August 2021
1-3pm Eastern Summer time
6-8pm British Summer time
10am-12pm Pacific time
Emotion RegulationStaring 2nd September (8 wks)
2.30-4.30 Eastern Summer time
7.30-9.30 British Summer time
Developing self consent: two practices to center consent in your relationship with yourself18th September 2021
2.00-4.00 Eastern Summer time
7.00-9.00 British Summer time
Self consent & family xmas: practices to center self consent with stressful family gatherings4th December 2021
2.00-4.00 Eastern Summer time
7.00-9.00 British Summer time

If you aren’t sure whether a course is for you or not, you’re welcome to book a call with me to talk it through. These calls are only 20 minutes in length, but I hope they will help you to figure out whether working with me in one of my groups is going to be helpful for you. Book a call here.

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Dialectical behaviour therapy skills training provides the opportunity to improve our ability to cope with crises, understand and manage emotions and enhance interpersonal relationships
DBT helps us build a life worth living.

DBT Skills Groups

I teach groups of people skills for surviving crises, processing emotions effectively and navigating interpersonal relationship. My courses last 6-12 weeks.

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Self consent
The radical act of tuning in to & showing up for your needs, desires, limits and boundaries.
A powerful declaration:
I am on my side, I am on my side.

Self Consent

I offer workshops that help people to be more connected to their emotions, desires, boundaries and needs. These classes help people to treat themselves more consensually and to have more intentional and authentic relationships with others.

I can’t wait to learn something together.