I am currently accepting new clients who wish to work with me on a regular basis. I accept payments via paypal or Bank transfer. For US and international clients I charge in US Dollars, for UK clients, I charge GBP. My coaching rates for a 50 minute session are $120 (£90). I offer a free 30 minute initial session. 

Learning skills to make life better

I love working with groups on developing psychological skills. These are focused on creating a more consensual relationship with yourself, coping with emotional crises, learning to work more effectively with the information that your emotions are giving you and enhancing interpersonal relationships. 

You can find details of the courses that I offer here. My usual rate is $50 (£40) per session. I offer payment options, including some reduced price places.  I am committed to keeping my work accessible for those who express a need for it but are experiencing financial hardship. Please feel free to email me for details