I am a sex and relationship coach and therapist that specialises in working with relationships that include gender, sexual and relationship diversity. I often work with clients that include consensual kink in their relationships, Many of my clients are sex workers. I am a disabled woman and have experience of working with people visible and invisible disabilities, including those who are autistic or other kinds of neuroqueer.

I am not currently able to accept new clients for individual therapy as my practice is full. If you are interested in me contacting you when this is no longer the case, please fill in this form.

I am accepting new clients into my DBT skills groups. Dialectic Behaviour Therapy skills are really helpful in learning to create a life worth living. They are focused on mindfulness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance. SKills groups provide participants with an opportunity to learn how to cope with their emotions and to behave in line with their values.  You can find out more about DBT here and fuller information about my DBT skills groups here. You can sign up for the skills group here.

You’re welcome to use this website in lots of ways.  You can simply use it to find my contact details to join my waiting list.  I have a page which contains lots of resources that you might like to check out, and I’ve written about topics like creating a user guide, relationshipqueeness, cheap dates, breakup plans, self-consent, boundaries and depression in my blog.  Feel free to take a peek.

I only work with adults, so if you are a teenager looking for advice on sex and relationship I’d suggest you start with Bish or the Scarleteen blog or getting in touch with a helpline specifically focused on working with teens, such as Teen Helpline. If you are a teenager looking for support with LGBT issues, in the UK you can contact The LGBT+ Helpline, and in Ireland you can contact BeLongTo.

If you are working through issues related to non-monogamy you might enjoy a course of online workshops that I am running with another psychotherapist on key issues in polyamory. We will have conversations centered around topics of values in polyamory, creating your own user manual, having constructive conflict, jealousy, new relationship energy and scheduling. While we do not have a specific week on couples privilege or other forms of privilege in relationships (financial, gender, race. etc) these issues will come up in most of our conversations. Our first course, starting February 2019, is a pilot and will be free of charge, subsequent courses will cost £100. You can get more information at www.talkingpoly.co.uk.