I’m about connection in all of its forms.  I’m passionate about helping people to create the life and relationships they want.  This includes, but is not limited to, rebuilding and repairing trust, opening up or closing their relationships.  I offer coaching and counselling to adults, as individuals, couples, thrupples, and groups.  I am most interested in working with clients around relationships, boundaries and self-consent. For the most part, I am not accepting new clients until mid-April. That said, if your main concern is around sex work or intimate relationships you’re welcome to drop me an email and see if we can schedule a time to talk.  The first brief discussion to see whether we click and feel like we can do productive work together is free of charge – and you can make an appointment here.

You’re welcome to use this website in lots of ways.  You can simply use it to find my contact details to book a counselling or coaching session with me.  I have a page which contains lots of resources that you might like to check out, and I’ve written about topics like creating a user guide, relationshipqueeness, cheap dates, breakup plans, self-consent and depression in my blog.  Feel free to take a peek.

I only work with adults, so if you are a teenager looking for advice on sex and relationship I’d suggest you start with the Scarleteen blog or getting in touch with a helpline specifically focused on working with teens, such as Teen Helpline. If you are a teenager looking for support with LGBT issues, in the UK you can contact The LGBT+ Helpline, and in Ireland you can contact BeLongTo.

If you would like to work with me, you can find my fee’s here, send me a message from my contact page, or just book a free 30 minute ‘get to know me’ session after mid-April here.