Being kind to yourself: selfishness by another name?

Maybe sometimes it is, but is that so bad? The word ‘selfish’ is nearly always used pejoratively to mean someone that is self obsessed, concerned with their own profit or pleasure and unconcerned about others.  I’m not advocating naval gazing obsession with ourselves at all times, but I think spending energy focused on what brings … Continue reading Being kind to yourself: selfishness by another name?

Acquiring a diagnosis

I recently acquired a diagnosis for a lifelong physical impairment. It has me reflecting on how I have previously dealt with the emotional and psychological elements of being diagnosed. Obviously, this differs greatly depending on how drawn out the process is, how medicalised it is, your own predisposition towards the medical establishment, how much you … Continue reading Acquiring a diagnosis

Working with intrusive thoughts

It is all too easy to get caught up in an endless loop of thinking about things, particularly if you are feeling anxious, depressed or lonely.  These might be thoughts about a social situation or event, career plans, a mistake that just keeps playing on your mind or even persistent self-criticism.  Thoughts and emotions can … Continue reading Working with intrusive thoughts

Depression, apathy and staying in bed

Anyone that has experienced a significant bout of depression is probably all too aware of just how difficult it can be to do seemingly simple things like getting out of bed, showered and dressed. Bed can feel like the one place that you're in control of. It can give a sense of comfort. Frankly, the … Continue reading Depression, apathy and staying in bed