Book review – Dear John, I love Jane

Picture of the book cover for the book 'Dear John, I Love Jane'

Dear John, I love Jane is a beautifully written collection of personal stories written by women who have found themselves in love with women whilst in relationships with men. Its a book I looked for 3 years ago when I fell head over heels for a woman shortly before I was due to marry a man. It didn’t exist then, and I am glad it does now. I read the stories with a mixture of sadness and joy. The women in the collection are from across the globe, and have incredibly diverse experiences. Some have ended their relationships with men, while others have remained married. Some have married the woman they fell in love with, while others had short lived and tumultuous affairs, and still others had no intimate physical relationship with the object of their affections.

It is an exquisitely written anthology that explores the diverse ways in which some women identify their same sex attractions at different life stages and how they choose to live out their queer lives. This book brought me tears and laughter and affirmation. A truly wonderful addition to my bookshelf and my life. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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