Self consent day 7: Making time

If you have spent time working through this week’s posts, then you will have the experience of writing, imagining and doing things while tuning into your body’s response. Today’s task is about working out how to fit that awareness into your wider life. This means making sure that a self consent practice works for you. I invite you to think about what form of practice you will find easiest to fit in, what is most rewarding and when you can reliably make time to do it. For some people, this will mean writing in a diary each day, others will find it easier to make focused time once a week to fill in a worksheet or draw. There are a couple of worksheets here, one for writing and another for drawing, that might help you to do the practice. Use them if they are useful, ignore them if not. This ‘wheel of emotions’ picture might also help you to identify some emotions when you’re feeling them.

There isn’t a right and wrong way to practice self consent. It’s also not something you can practice all the time. We all have to do things in our lives that we wouldn’t enthusiastically consent to because of our work, family or social situations. The tasks from this week are likely to make you more conscious of when you are acting in line with your self consent, and when you are doing things that you really don’t want to. Over the coming weeks, I will be writing some more posts about the limits of self consent and consensual conversations.

If there are topics that you would like me to address, please send me a tweet, comment on my posts or write on my facebook page. I love feedback and would enjoy writing more on the topics that most interest readers.

If you would like to do further work with me on practicing self consent, I am offering all readers a free coaching session (Email me at and please quote self-consent10 in your message). You’ll find more information about the services I offer here.

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